Scoreboard: Oct. 1

Published 8:27 am Tuesday, October 2, 2012


The following results are Albert Lea’s times from the Maroon and Gold Invitational on Saturday. Overall, the Tigers placed seventh out of 13 teams. Lindsey Horejsi set a record in the 100-yard breastroke at the meet.


200-yard relay: Bergland, Horejsi, Jensen, Anderson (third, 1:55.51); Sandon, Nielsen, Hertling, Carly Nelson (thirteenth, 2:05.31)

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200-yard freestyle: Haley Simon (thirteenth, 2:09.79); Rasmussen (thirty-third, 2:18.55); Dahl (thirty-sixth, 2:21.47); Williams (fourty-third, 2:30.00)


200-yard individual medley: Sandon (twenty-fourth, 2:31.29); Jensen (thirty-third, 2:34.41); Fitzlaff (fourty-third, 3:07.79)


50-yard freestyle: Andersen (third, 25.22); Carly Nelson (twentieth, 27.89); Nielsen (thirty-fourth, 28.71); Fitzlaff (fourtieth, 30.63)


Diving: Kriewall (sixth, 179.90); See-Rockers (thirteenth, 137.15); Nafzger (thirty-second, 74.30)


100-yard freestyle: Carly Nelson (twenty-seventh, 1:10.36); Hertling (thirty-second, 1:12.56); Jensen (thirty-third, 1:12.59); Anderson (fourty-first, 1:33.28)


100-yard freestyle: Horejsi (first, 53.03); Andersen (third, 55.35); Bergland (twenty-third, 1:00.79); Claire Nelson (twenty-eighth, 1:01.71)


500-yard freestyle: Haley Simon (nineteenth, 5:56.76); Rasmussen (twenty-sixth, 6:07.30); Dahl (thirty-fourth, 6:22.05); Lexie Simon (fourty-fifth, 7:20.40)


200-yard freestyle: Andersen, Jensen, Haley Simon, Horejsi (fourth, 1:43.26); Carly Nelson, Hertling, Rasmussen, Bergland (seventeenth, 1:52.66)


100-yard backstroke: Sandon (nineteenth, 1:07.94); Claire Nelson (twenty-eighth, 1:12.38); Williams (thirty-third, 1:13.64); Fitzlaff (fourty-second, 1:19.39)


100-yard breaststroke: Horejsi (first, 1:03.38); Nielsen (twelveth, 1:15.61); Hertling (eighteenth, 1:17.22); Battle (thirty-third, 1:24.25)


Horejsi set the meet record in the breaststroke. The previous record was set by Leah Pronschinske in 2009 with a time of 1:04.16.


400-yard freestyle: Haley Simon, Bergland, Sandon, Claire Nelson (thirteenth, 4:05.77); Rasmussen, Dahl, Williams, Nielsen (thirty-second, 4:35.73)