Story about Sam and Mary was off

Published 3:54 pm Saturday, October 6, 2012

I was very saddened to hear of Sam and Mary’s financial problems when Mary lost her full-time job with good benefits. I was also inspired by Uncle Mitt’s common-sense solutions especially considering his predecessors, Uncle George and Uncle Ronnie, never showed the same financial restraint, although they too talked a good game.

I also believe Mr. Al Arends slightly misrepresented Uncle Obama’s plan to help solve Sam and Mary’s money problems. That, however, is an understandable oversight since there is one key fact Mr. Arends did not mention.

While Uncle Mitt’s past successes are noteworthy, they do not qualify him to give advice to Sam and Mary for one important reason. See, Uncle Mitt owns majority share of the private equity firm that fired Mary and shipped her job to China.

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I doubt very much Sam and Mary are even on speaking terms with Uncle Mitt, nor are they likely to take his advice. But perhaps Sam and Mary can borrow $40,000 from one of their fathers to go back to school and get a good job that way, which was one of Uncle Mitt’s past suggestions.


Brian Anderson

Albert Lea