USC girls’ team clenches conference title

Published 11:22 am Saturday, October 20, 2012

On Tuesday, Fox Lake Golf Course hosted the Gopher Valley cross country championship.

The United South Central girls’ team was the defending champion and secured the title again after a seven point win over Martin County West.

It was the first time this season that the Rebels had their top five runners at the starting line at the same time.

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“Cross country is a team sport,” Rebels head coach Kent Viesselman said. “Fortunately we were able to run our full team for the first time this season.”

Beth Stevermer has been out of the lineup for three weeks, and Bethany Koziolek has been out since September due to injuries.

Emily Mantor led the team in first place and Hannah Goemann took second. Mantor, Goemann and Stevermer were given All-Conference honors for their performances.

Koziolek and Amber Klein were recognized as honorable mention.

The United South Central’s boys’ team finished fourth in the conference, a two-spot improvement from last year. They placed behind Martin County West, Loyola-Cleveland and Maple River.

“The boys have worked very hard and have improved steadily as the season has progressed,” Viesselman said. “We knew we were pretty much locked into fourth place before the meet and the boys lived up to that expecation.

Adam Stevermer and Eric Redman were named All-Conference, and Brian Remington and Logan Thomsen were named honorable mention.


USC results


Adam Stevermer (twelfth, 18:05

Eric Redman (fifteenth, 18:19)

Brian Remington (twenty-first, 18:41)

Logan Thomsen (twenty-second, 18:43)

Brett Stevermer (thirty-sixth, 19:52)

Raul Gonzalez (fourty-second, 20:11)

Jordan Quade (fourty-ninth, 20:48)



Emily Mantor (first, 14:49)

Hannah Goemann (second, 15:51.0)

Beth Stevermer (sixth, 15:58)

Bethany Koziolek (sixteenth, 16:59)

Amber Klein (eighteenth, 17:14)

Tikvah Schwartz (twenty-sixth, 17:58)

Tenley Schwartz (fourty-second, 19:01)