Vote for DFLers on Election Day

Published 10:03 am Monday, October 29, 2012

Our Rep. Rich Murray has had a lot of letters saying how he voted to help our area, but his voting record just does not match their claims.

He has voted for the 21-day shutdown of our state government, killing the homestead credit, which devalued property and raised taxes, especially people who owned property. Also borrowing money ($2.4 million) from our schools budgets.

He did not go across the aisle to work with anyone, although he was asked to help set up a budget, but said he had to vote as he was told to by his mentor.

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We badly need a change in our Legislature.

Vote for people who will represent our area and work together to actually get something positive done.

Vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden, Amy Kolbuchar, Tim Walz, Dan Sparks and Shannon Savick.

Also, vote no on both amendments.


Rose Anderson

Albert Lea