Where is Murray from, anyway?

Published 5:46 am Sunday, October 28, 2012

Let’s see your birth certificate.

In the Albert Lea Tribune dated Oct. 28, 2010, the Tribune endorsed Rich Murray. In the endorsement, it claimed that Murray was born and raised in Albert Lea. The Freeborn County Republicans had an advertisement on Oct. 31, 2010, claiming the same.

At the town hall meeting for Randy Demmer, Al Arends introduced all the Republican candidates and said that Rich Murray was born and raised on a farm in Dodge County.

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Your campaign literature said the same thing. Some people will say anything to get elected!

What other statements have you said that I find hard to believe?

1. You will be bipartisan. I don’t count 97 percent voting with your caucus bipartisan.

2. When Republicans shut down the government. Rich Murray stated that they saved the state money. Try telling that to the state parks and their employees, and the stores and restaurants where tourists would have spent their cash.

3. Within nine months, you balanced the state budget from $6 million in the red to a surplus?

4. Rich Murray said he knocked on 1,000 doors in a week. Do the math. A thousand doors divided by seven days divided by 10 hours divided by 60 minutes in an hour.

That equals trouble if you check your facts.

Shannon Savick is the candidate will represent District 27A without “politics.” Join me in voting for Savick on Nov. 6.


Miles Pechacek

Albert Lea