Bible didn’t have Adam and Steve

Published 5:54 am Sunday, November 4, 2012

Remember dating and finding your love mate? You were so proud to introduce them to your parents and your grandparents. We grew up playing with tinker toys, Lincoln Logs, Mr. Potato Head and Legos, and they all fit together. Same-sex couples do not fit.

If you review your Bible, there is a positive mention of Adam and Eve. I did not see an Adam and Steve or a Wendy and Sue. No matter how much they smile, they cannot procreate.

Two of the same-sex is unnatural, immoral and unethical or just plain “un.” This lifestyle has a much higher rate of AIDS, hepatitis and cancer.

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Please vote yes for a normal man and woman marriage for a better, healthier family. Good morals and values are very important. Vote yes!


Sidney Bremer

Albert Lea