Career in finance bolsters Murray

Published 5:47 am Sunday, November 4, 2012

Re-elect Rich Murray for District 27A. In the last two years, I have gotten to know Rich and the Murray family very well. He and his wife, his kids and his grandkids are great people. The reason that they are great people comes from Rich. Rich is the type of person who gives 100 percent. He believes in his community and is passionate about helping people. He has over 25 years of financial experience and is not afraid to make the tough decisions. Let’s remember that in these tough economic times that financial experience and being able to make tough decisions is what is needed, so Rich knows what it takes. Rich is exactly the type of person we need in St. Paul. When he goes to St. Paul he will help make the reforms necessary so that our problems do not become our young generation’s problems. Rich is a strong and independent voice for southern Minnesota. So for those reasons I endorse Rich Murray for re-election, and I hope you all join me in voting for Rich Murray on Nov. 6.

Vote yes on the marriage amendment. It has been proven that a child and children need a mom and a dad. In the Bible, God made marriage between Adam and Eve, not two men or two women. I don’t mean that prejudicial to same-sex couples in anyway. Let’s look at it this way. We put our hand on the Bible and swear on it. For example, we put our hand on it when we take the witness stand in court and when we get sworn into public office. If same-sex marriage becomes legal, then in my mind you are in a way ruining the Bible because you go to church and swear on the Bible, yet you support same-sex marriage. Hmm. So that is why I support voting yes on Nov. 6.

Vote yes on photo ID. We as citizens and registered voters deserve to know that our votes are protected. Coleman vs. Franken four years ago proves we need photo ID to vote along with the countless voter frauds across the nation. You need photo ID to buy cigarettes, buy alcohol and get a passport, so why not to vote, people? Common sense. Vote yes on Nov. 6.

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Re-elect Linda Laurie for school board. Over the years I have gotten to know Linda well and she is a real nice and caring lady. She is a great mother and a great wife. I have gotten to know her five kids quite well, and they are all amazing people. Her daughter Sidney and I graduated together. We are close, and I think that comes from Linda. Linda will work hard at her job because she has had many years of being a mother and a wife. She cares about children and she knows what it takes to work with others. So that is why Linda has earned my endorsement. Vote Linda Laurie on Nov. 6.


Tony Schoepf

Albert Lea