Democrats stoop low with sirens

Published 5:46 am Sunday, November 4, 2012

I have two points to make:

• The state government workers unions are spending millions of dollars on negative adds with half truths, lies and veiled threats to get Democrats elected to the state Legislature. They have been able to keep their lucrative pensions and automatic pay raises under Democratic-controlled legislatures. They are trying to buy the Legislature back from the Republicans that were elected by the people of Minnesota in the last elections. Republicans have tried to control costs, and since the state of Minnesota is the largest employer in the state, that means bringing state wages and benefits in line with private sector wages and pensions. Republican fiscal responsibility is what is needed to keep our budget under control. Re-elect Rich Murray to the House and elect other Republicans to help him get the job done.

• I cannot believe the new low that the Democratic Party has reached by using the emergency alert siren to draw attention to their negative ad portraying Rich Murray as a dangerous person. How soon they forget the Gabby Gifford shooting. I am also disappointed that a KATE/KCPI station would run this ad. They will say there is a freedom of speech issue, but you are not free to yell fire in a crowded building. The emergency siren is for real emergencies.

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John Forman

Albert Lea