Dems drive Calif. into the ground

Published 9:27 am Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I read some analysis of the recent elections showing the California vote went around 65 percent Democratic, and the Republican Party is becoming irrelevant in that state. The warning was that Republicans had to get with the times on the issues or they would become irrelevant in the nation.

I would suggest that maybe the country should pay attention to California’s economic condition and its relationship to the Democratic Party’s promises to get those votes. California is one of the top five states in tax rates in the nation, but still has a $335 billion budget deficit when deferred payments and unfunded medical and retirement benefits are figured into the total. Its cities are declaring bankruptcy. It has asked for federal government help? That means the states that have paid their debts are being asked to pay for California’s financial folly. Sound like Greece? Is this the future United States of America under Democratic Party rule?


John Forman

Albert Lea