Donation of food is appreciated

Published 10:11 am Thursday, November 1, 2012

October was Hunger Awareness Month. Many food shelves around the area realized an outpouring of generosity from community members as people learned about this vast domestic issue that affects one in every six of our friends and neighbors. Donations to our local food shelves are greatly appreciated. Thank you! One dollar can provide five meals for people in need of food.

October was also the month Channel One Regional Food Bank launched our very important grain donation program, End Rows to End Hunger. Channel One Regional Food Bank encourages area farmers to donate the end rows of their fields, or any amount of grain, through End Rows to End Hunger. By making their donation of grain at participating elevators, farmers can help feed their hungry friends and neighbors throughout southeastern Minnesota and could receive very beneficial tax benefits.

The grain is then sold by Channel One and the proceeds used to provide food to those in need. Any amount of recently harvested or stored grain is very much appreciated. Thank you to those who have donated. Thank you to the area grain elevators that facilitate the process, the program cannot succeed without your help.  I encourage all area farmers to please consider a donation of grain to End Rows to End Hunger. Information on the program is available at your elevator or contact Jack Karnick, Channel One Regional representative, at 507-454-8842 for pledge forms and details. Together we are feeding people in need.

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Jack Karnick

Channel One Regional Food Bank