Don’t give DFL legislative control

Published 5:43 am Sunday, November 4, 2012

This is my first letter to the editor. After reading the way the liberal left is misrepresenting Rep. Rich Murray’s record, I have had enough. There is no place for this shameless misrepresentation of a public servant’s record. If I were a loyal DFL supporter I would doubt if I could support Shannon Savick. If she can tell this level of untruth in an election, could she be trusted to represent the region fairly if elected?

I believe Rich Murray is the representative that we need to send back to the Minnesota House. Rich is one the very few politicians who actually listens to his constituency. Rich is one of the hardest-working legislators in the House. He has done his very best to represent his district and work across party lines, despite the claims of his opposition. The worst thing that could happen to the great state of Minnesota would be for the DFL to control the Legislature and the governor’s office. It is in everyone’s best interest if the conservatives can maintain control of one branch of state government. If not, we will be giving a blank check to the liberals to increase the size of state government, spend more money and further raise your taxes.

Remember for accountability in state government vote for Rich Murray on Nov. 6.

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Eleanor Sorensen

Albert Lea