Drug case comes to an end

Published 6:06 am Sunday, November 4, 2012

AUSTIN — An Austin man was convicted of felony drug possession Thursday in Mower County District Court after trying to buy pain killers with a fake prescription at pharmacies in Albert Lea and Austin.

Juan Irlas, 40, was sentenced to six months in jail and 10 years of supervised probation.

Police believe another, Anthony Ledoux, 29, was involved in the same case. Ledoux received a statutory stay of adjudication several weeks ago and was sentenced to five years’ supervised probation and 80 hours of community service. Charges for controlled substance DWI and driving after revocation were dismissed.

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Police arrested Irlas and Ledoux on April 24 as court documents say Irlas provided pharmacists at the Austin Walgreens with a fake prescription for Hydrocodone, a pain killer. Police believe Ledoux was trying to pick up the fake prescription. According to the court complaint, the pharmacist said Irlas tried to provide 12 refills of the prescription, but the maximum is five. Furthermore, Hydrocodone requires a DEA approval, of which Irlas had none.

Police discovered Irlas attempted the same thing in Albert Lea earlier that day, according to the complaint.

At Walgreens in Austin, police blocked Ledoux’s vehicle at the pickup window and arrested him. Ledoux said he was picking the prescription up for his cousin and refused to have officers retrieve his cell phone and said to leave it in the vehicle. An officer said he saw an incoming message on the phone in regards to the drugs, according to the complaint.

Police later arrested Irlas, who said he did not send Ledoux to pick up the prescription. Irlas admitted to obtaining Amlodipine and Buproprion but realized he needed a prescription for the Hydrocodone. He also admitted to being in Albert Lea, as well.