Editorial: There are lessons to be learned from Little Falls

Published 10:01 am Friday, November 30, 2012

Without wading into the ongoing controversy in Minnesota of what level of force is allowed when dealing with home intruders, we want to say this: We hope there is a lesson learned from the tragedy of the teens slain in a Little Falls home. That lesson should be: Breaking and entering a home or a business is dangerous and foolish.

Cameras and alarm systems can catch offenders, and preferably for all involved that is a safer security bet. However, bullets also catch offenders. There are people with guns who are willing to use them when they feel they have the right legal situation to do so. That legal crossover happens during break-ins.

The story about the Little Falls teens is sad, and we wish the best for those families in light of the circumstance. The man who fired the weapon faces a long trial that will determine what’s legal and what’s not for use of force in a home. Many emotions will be spent on all sides.

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It all could have been avoided if those kids just had stayed out of the man’s house. Perhaps their death will not be in vain if it teaches valuable lessons to other young people.