First Lutheran Church Women

Published 9:08 am Friday, November 2, 2012

First Lutheran Church Women met at noon in Bethany Hall for the reformation luncheon.

Prelude music was provided by Joan Holt.

Co-President Elaine Peterson welcomed everyone. The blessing and Thanksgiving was read at the tables.

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A lovely luncheon of chicken supreme hot dish, cranberry salad, rolls and Hawaiian fruit cake along with water and coffee was served.

Devotions were given by Shirlie Brownlow on the reformation. She read several Bible verses along with when the reformation began and how we can relate to the reformation in our day.

Donna Ludtke introduced Brenda Ludtke, who entertained the group with two lovely musical selections.

Neva Mathison introduced the Rev. Joel Erickson who spoke on “Priesthood of all Believers.” He suggested that everyone make a practice of introducing themselves to those who appear to be alone when they enter the gathering place and make a real effort to invite them into the sanctuary as well as into their hearts so they would feel at home and desire to be members of FLC. He also invited everyone to become members of this committee.

Following the program Gen Montei continued with the business meeting. The secretary’s report was presented. A motion was made by Neva Mathison and seconded by Nancy Jenson. This report was approved and will be placed on file.

The treasurer’s report was presented and a question was asked about the soft water bill. Virginia Hermanson explained that the group pays $50 of this bill each month, which has been done for several years. This report was distributed before the meeting, and as there were no further questions, the report will be placed on file for audit.

Lois Jensen reported that the group had correspondence from the First Lutheran Church Council for the radio broadcast funds and also reported that the Cross of Glory had sent an invitation to their soup and pie supper that will be from 4:30 to 7 p.m. on Wednesday.

Hazel Senske announced that Church Women United will be meeting at First Presbyterian Church today, and asked that the circles turn in their least coin by next month as this group may not continue due to the fact that they are unable to get new officers and more ladies in attendance. Also the thank offering should be turned in as soon as possible.

Marcia Habben said that she had the posters for Holidays Ahead and would like to have them picked soon as they should be distributed to the businesses in town around Oct. 22.

Friends at First will meet on Oct. 15 and everyone is invited to attend.

Ione Kelly said the prayer chain is still short one member and asked if anyone would be interested in assisting with this program. Hazel Senske volunteered and said that she would be happy to assist with this most worthwhile program.

Old business: There was no old business.

New business: There was no new business.

Caring and Sharing reported that there was one funeral in September.

Announcements are listed on the back of our programs.

As there was no further business, the group closed by praying the prayer by Martin Luther.

Gen Montei thanked all those serving on Virginia Hermanson and Helen Lovik’s committee. All are listed on the program which is attached.