Get family ready for big tax hikes

Published 9:03 am Thursday, November 8, 2012

We all have to live with the reality of what happened in this election and not continue to wish it had turned out differently. Take all the income you can get in 2012 or expect to pay an extra 15 percent state and federal taxes next year, even more if it would qualify for capital gains tax. It will be on incomes well below the levels you were told during the election. Talk to your grandchildren about having a goal of being a state or federal government worker as they have bought enough influence in with the Legislature and will be getting nice pay increases as long as the government can keep borrowing money.

Last, don’t hold your breath waiting for Benedict Arnold Carlson to push for that better voter ID bill that he talked about in his ad with Mark Dayton because it isn’t going to happen.


John Forman

Albert Lea