Hire Kurt Bills on next Tuesday

Published 10:16 am Thursday, November 1, 2012

On Tuesday, we will have the opportunity to hire an individual to represent Minnesota in the United States senate. Which candidate has the background, skills and experience to go to work for Minnesota’s middle class families? I believe that person is Kurt Bills.

Bills comes from a union household and is a union member himself. As a public school teacher, he works to provide students with a superior education, imparting the knowledge to engage in our society with both economic and personal virtue. He continues to teach his economics class every day before campaigning, demonstrating his investment in his students and his community.

As a state representative, Bills serves on the committees of capital investment, taxes and education finance. He has authored bills addressing issues that matter to the middle class such as tax credits for businesses that hire qualified veterans and the proposed creation of an early graduation achievement scholarship program. Bills also authored a bill regarding reduced compensation for legislators when failing to pass balanced budget provisions in an appropriate amount of time. This is the kind of fiscal responsibility we need in Washington.

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Hire a senator who will fuel jobs in Minnesota by growing its natural resource base. Hire a senator who will free small businesses to grow and expand by simplifying the tax code. Hire a senator who will protect the wages and earning power of Minnesotans by auditing the Federal Reserve and putting a stop to the practice of simply printing more money. Hire a senator who will bring responsibility to Washington by passing a budget instead of spending money we don’t have.

There has been no budget passed by the senate since 2009. The number of Minnesotans using food stamps has nearly doubled since in 2006. And our nation’s debt continues to climb beyond what we would ever want our children and grandchildren to inherit. Hire a senator who will reverse the most serious deficit of all: a deficit of leadership. Hire Kurt Bills.


Sarah Bockwinkel