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Published 9:10 am Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thanks for supporting park

The residents of Tiger Hills, and especially all of the children, would like to thank everyone who contributed in some way to the park fundraiser held Oct. 7. Because of your generosity and kindness, nearly $2,000 was raised that afternoon, and ultimately we were able to meet our goal of $10,000, which will go toward the construction of a neighborhood city park facility in the Tiger Hills development. Thank you! This is huge, as we have more than 20 children in the neighborhood that will soon have a place to play!

We’d like to recognize and publicly thank local businesses in our area that have donated their services, and/or equipment to this cause, or who have made a monetary contribution at some point during our fundraising efforts: Mayo Clinic Health System in Albert Lea, Al Weisert and Hy-Vee, Bruno’s Corn Dogs, the Rev. George Marin and Grace Christian Church, Thompson Sanitation, Rick Bohler, pilot, the Albert Lea Tribune, Plaza Landscaping, Nordaas American Homes, Farmers State Bank of Hartland, Wells Federal Bank, Gabe Jacobs, lead singer of the band the Arch Allies, Allen’s Tow-N-Travel, Duane Gregory, Scram Drywall, Jim Scram and Jonny Bird Enterprises.

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Thank you so much for your support!

We would also like to thank all the individuals who have donated their time, manpower or made a monetary donation to our fundraising efforts. We can’t thank each of you individually, but please know your generosity is appreciated!


Residents of Tiger Hills

Albert Lea