No smoking outside City Hall?

Published 9:55 am Monday, November 26, 2012

A.L. Council to consider prohibiting tobacco use, even in City Hall parking lots

The Albert Lea City Council tonight will consider an ordinance prohibiting smoking or use of tobacco products outside City Hall.

City Manager Chad Adams said the idea originated last summer and coincides with a resolution already in the books that prohibits smoking at city parks.

“We’re taking it a step further,” Adams said. “We are preparing an ordinance and making it more official at City Hall.”

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The ordinance would include both the sidewalks around City Hall and the adjacent parking areas.

Adams said similar initiatives have moved forward in the private sector, and city leaders wanted to continue with the efforts.

He said he does not know how the ordinance will be received in the community but noted that people have been accepting of similar efforts at other establishments in town.

The ordinance would be enforced as needed, and signage would be erected to let people on the property know of the change.

Though there will be no official public hearing at tonight’s meeting, Adams said people can sign up to speak about the ordinance if desired.

Today will be the first reading of the ordinance, and the second reading will be at a subsequent meeting.

If approved, the ordinance would not likely become law until January.

The law would also affect people coming to utilize city services in the building, including the Albert Lea Public Library.