Protect your vote by voting yes

Published 5:50 am Sunday, November 4, 2012

Every single person’s vote is a valuable, sacred right. Asking us to show an ID is a logical, commonsense safeguard to protect that right. Even one fraudulent vote is a stolen vote and nullifies the vote of a legal, taxpaying citizen. Although not proven to be widespread, voter fraud and vote buying is real in our country. Isn’t it commonsense that we should expect nothing but clean, honest voting in Minnesota?

We are required to show an ID to purchase Sudafed, to load an airplane, to get a job, to apply to college and to acquire a loan. IDs fulfill dozens of purposes in everyday life. Adding the requirement to show an ID prior to voting is a simple measure that safeguards the electoral process for all of us.

Voter ID has been a hot topic in state legislatures for the past decade. A total of 33 states have passed voter ID laws. Thirty states presently have laws in place that will require all voters to show an ID at the polls this November. Minnesota currently has no voter ID requirement although voter ID legislation was passed by the legislature in 2011 but was vetoed by Gov. Mark Dayton. (Source National Conference of State Legislatures The proposed voter ID amendment is designed to protect all votes no matter what party affiliation.

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As a citizen who takes the responsibility of voting seriously, I urge you to protect your one vote and vote yes on voter ID.


Tricia Johnson