Romney is the most qualified

Published 10:14 am Friday, November 2, 2012

The future of America will be decided with this election. The differences between two candidates has never been more stark. The stakes have never been higher.

If you’re a Democrat, please consider the consequences should Obama be re-elected.

Mitt Romney: An open book. All his college transcripts are open for inspection.

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Barack Obama: All his college records and transcripts sealed. What is he hiding?

Romney: A very successful business man.

Obama: Never met a payroll or balanced a budget.

Romney: Friends, mentors and advisers above reproach.

Obama: Associates with characters of questionable background, committed socialists, communists, anti-establishment terrorists and a clergy who openly asks God to damn America.

Romney: Took over a failing Olympic games and successfully turned them around.

Obama: Worked for ACORN as a community organizer.

Romney: It’s said he has no foreign policy experience. But it takes a real diplomat to negotiate the political mine fields of an Olympics.

Obama: No foreign policy experience when elected. Since elected has traveled the world apologizing for America’s greatness. Under Obama our allies no longer trust us, our enemies no longer fear us.

The cover-up efforts in Libya are an example of his thinking. America was lied to. Richard Nixon was impeached for a much smaller lie. Las Vegas was more important than fulfilling his job as president.

Romney: A practicing Christian, served at all levels within the Mormon church. Some “Christians” don’t trust the Mormons, but it was only a generation ago these same “Christians” said Catholics could not be trusted. I question the faith of those making such statements.

Obama: Don’t really know what his faith is. Claims to be a Christian, but in his books he states that he is a committed Muslim. The church that he affiliated with most of his adult life preaches a radical anti-American philosophy. Obama stated “America is not a Christian nation”

Romney: Skills were forged in years of building successful businesses employing thousands of Americans.

Obama: More stimulus, more welfare, more class warfare and more debt. Obamacare will increase taxes for all of us, including the poor.

Whose pocket did the stimulus money end up in? Divide $3 trillion by 286,000,000 citizens. That’s $10,489 for every American.

Romney: Was the governor of a state that is predominately liberal. To succeed he had to compromise.

Obama: Served a lackluster term as a U.S. senator. Compromise is not in his vocabulary.

Romney: Committed to energy independence and lower fuel prices.

Obama: Believes high fuel prices will force clean energy. In 2008 stated, “gas has to get to $5 a gallon before American’s start conserving energy.” Has put an unbearable load on the poor and middle class. Wasted billions of dollars on green energy companies who couldn’t compete on the world market.


Romney: May be the most qualified individual to run for president in the last 100 years.

Obama: May be the least qualified president in America’s history.

If you’re uneasy about Obama, vote for Romney. Four years of Romney will not cause near the damage that four more years of Obama will.

P.S. It is rumored that Obama instructed the EPA not to implement the next round of rules and regulations on oil, coal and natural gas until after the election. These new regulations will cost jobs and increase energy costs.


Don Sorensen

Albert Lea