Savick is correct choice for Minn.

Published 10:07 am Thursday, November 1, 2012

We’re almost to Election Day — and it’s worth a look back at the last two years to determine who we should vote for to represent us in the state Legislature.

It’s quite clear that over the last two years, the current Legislature didn’t do its job. Legislators refused to compromise and gave us the longest government shutdown in our state’s history. They borrowed $2.2 billion from our schools instead of responsibly balancing the budget. They protected tax loopholes for big corporations at the expense of the middle class, and they eliminated the homestead credit, which took direct property tax relief away from 95 percent of Minnesota homeowners.

Our incumbent, Rep. Murray, was right there in lockstep with his party leaders for all of this. Unfortunately, they’re promising more of the same.

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It’s time for a change from the constant gridlock and misplaced priorities. We need legislators willing to compromise and grow the middle class again. Fortunately for us, we have DFL candidate Shannon Savick who is ready to work across the aisle and get the job done.

DFL candidate Savick won’t be going to the Capitol with a partisan agenda, but with a desire to represent the people in our district and a focus on the basics: creating jobs, improving our schools, balancing the state budget honestly and fairly, and growing the middle class. The middle class drives this state’s economic engine forward and they need to be our top priority.

It’s time to elect legislators who are willing to move past this gridlock and look for commonsense solutions. DFL candidate Shannon Savick has got my vote.


Barb Engebretson

Albert Lea