Turn in deer hides in drop boxes

Published 10:50 am Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Minnesota Deer Hunters Association is again asking for your help to improve conditions for future hunters and hunting in general by donating your harvested deer, moose, elk or mule deer hides. The Southern Gateway Chapter of the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association has Hides for Habitat boxes at the following locations: Tom’s Taxidermy in Clarks Grove, Nick’s Meats in Hayward, The Short Stop Station in Glenville, Conger Meats in Conger, Jeff Miller west of Mansfield, Craig’s Taxidermy in Freeborn, Nielsen’s Conoco in Hartland, Morgan’s Locker in New Richland, Steve’s Meats in Ellendale, Geneva Automotive in Geneva and the Bend in the Road in Manchester.

In Albert Lea we have boxes at the former Norby’s Gas Station, the entrance of the Freeborn County Fairgrounds, Karl’s Car Quest Auto Parts and Hart Brothers Weaponry. There are other hide collection boxes around our area, but the benefit only goes to the owner of the box. We urge you to put your hides in the boxes marked “Hides for Habitat.”

Our Southern Gateway Chapter sent seven young future hunters to Forkhorn Camp this past year, and your hides help fund this project. Again, we have no use for heads, legs or plastic bags, so please don’t put them in our boxes. We wish you a successful hunt and thank you in advance for your support and your hides. We also would like to thank the businesses for their assistance in allowing us to put our boxes on their property. If you have questions or concerns, please contact one of us or any member of the Southern Gateway Chapter of the Minnesota Deer Hunters.

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Clark Hammer

Clarks Grove