Vote in favor of the Republicans

Published 10:13 am Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nov. 6 is fast approaching, and there are clear choices in this election. With Obama in the White House and Tim Walz in Congress, our national debt has risen 164 percent to a record $16.4 trillion. Together they gave us expensive Obamacare, $2.6 trillion and a failed stimulus plan, $833 billion. In the last four years median household yearly income has decreased $4,520 and unemployment has hovered around 8 percent. They have also been strong supporters of gay marriage and federally funded abortions.

We need a course change as Mitt Romney and Allen Quist have outlined. Romney and Quist understand, contrary to Obama and Walz, we cannot continue to spend our way out of this financial crisis. This great country needs the kind of leadership that Romney and Quist can give us at this crucial time. Allen Quist has a plan to balance our nations, out of whack, federal budget in five years. In the best interest of our country please vote for the following: President Mitt Romney, U.S. Senate Kurt Bills, U.S. Congress Allen Quist, state Senate Julie Rosen, Minnesota House Robert Gunther, Chief Justice Dan Griffith, Associate Justice 1 Barry Anderson, Associate Justice 4 Tim Tingelstad, marriage amendment yes, voter ID amendment yes.


Neal Breitbarth