What happened was an injustice

Published 8:39 am Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I read Kathy Diaz’s letter to the editor, and it gave me pause for thought. If Victoria Simonson, then city manager, gave Rhonda Moen the OK to put on the Albert Lea city credit card a plane ticket and valet parking payment for her husband (business not anywhere associated with the city of Albert Lea), then why was it not OK for Jim Norman, also city manager, to put moving expenses on the city of Albert Lea credit card?

After all, they were both in the very same positions with the same authority. I may not agree with all of the expenses he incurred, but he did not use the card for a vacation, a plane ride or valet parking. He was in the very same position as Victoria Simonson at the time of his credit card purchases.

Why was it OK for Victoria Simonson to OK purchases but not Jim Norman? I don’t understand why we were simply not given the whole story, sordid as it may be. Was Rhonda Moen given immunity for her testimony? Quite obviously. What she did was wrong, pure and simple. What happened to Jim Norman was wrong, pure and simple.

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At the end of the day, know that the citizens of Albert Lea know right from wrong. Know when an injustice has been done. And a grave injustice was done here.


Vicki Pestorious

Albert Lea