Why do people believe the lies?

Published 10:17 am Friday, November 2, 2012

The World War II and Korean veterans fought and died to keep our freedom. Why would anyone want to vote in a president who wants to take our freedom away from us. This seems being done in some way every day.

Our current president has a difficult time to be honest about what is happening — i.e., the night after the last debate, Shawn Hannity on Fox News showed some untrue statements that our president said in the debate.

We are now $16 trillion in debt. Of that, $6 trillion has been accumulated in the last four years. Twenty-three million Americans are out of work. What in the world is going on in our country?

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Too many Americans seemed to have turned away from God. Why is that? We all need to rely on God; he is our true leader. It didn’t help any when our own president went to the Arab countries and said “The USA is not a Christian country.”

Our current president ran several untrue ads about Gov. Mitt Romney in this campaign. Why do people believe something to be true about a political figure or party, even after they see credible evidence to the contrary? Some people are so biased that they tend to agree with most or all of the positions taken by their own parties, and if you agree with a position taken by a different party, they assume you must be a member of the opposing party. That’s the typical example of political bias.

These staunch union people think it is something good, and it is for the union workers, but not good for our country. At one time we really needed unions, but they are way too powerful today. The American Civil Liberty Unions are tearing our country apart.


Duane M. Hatleli

Korean War veteran

Albert Lea