Angel purchases groceries at store

Published 9:49 am Monday, December 10, 2012

We have angels among us wherever we go.

On Tuesday evening, I stopped at Hy-Vee to pick up a few needed items. When I got to the checkout counter, there was a woman checking out with her kids. She checked out, but did not move. She insisted on buying my groceries.

I was overwhelmed at her offer and tried to convince her I could pay my own bill.

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She told me she does this once in a while. Her kids were excited that she was doing this. I had never met her or her children. I am most grateful to her. In fact, I left the store in tears.

So many kind people have crossed my path.

I found out by asking her what her name was. Thank you, thank you, Mary Ness. I will pass it on.


Judy Olson

Albert Lea