Hibbing janitor lauded for saving choking boy

Published 3:38 pm Saturday, December 1, 2012

HIBBING — A janitor at an elementary school at Hibbing is being praised for his quick thinking after he used the Heimlich maneuver this week to assist a first-grader who was choking.

Janitor Jim Jukich saw the student at Washington Elementary School choking on a piece of chicken.

Jukich tried to get the boy to spit the food out. When the boy couldn’t, Jukich began the Heimlich maneuver and told a teacher to call 911. Before she could even get to the phone Jukich had dislodged the obstruction and the boy said, “I’m OK.”

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Principal BJ Berg said Jukich kept a calm head and rose to the occasion. He said everyone reacted as they should have.

Jukich said he’s glad everything worked out.