It’s the end of the world!

Published 10:30 am Friday, December 21, 2012

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We asked people this question: If the world actually was going to end Dec. 21, how would you spend that final day?

Here are their responses:

“I would gather all of my family together and share stories of our favorite times and what we’ve been thankful for in our relationships with each other. I would share the same with my friends, if I had a chance. We’d have coffee and wine and sit in front of a fire. I would put on my grandma’s jewelry and have my favorite books on my lap and sit next to my husband and my pets.” — Ann Austin, executive director of the United Way of Freeborn County

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“I would spend the day with family and friends. Eating all the food that’s ‘bad.’” — Dan Dorman, executive director of the Albert Lea Economic Development Agency

“I would surround myself with those I love.” — Randy Kehr, executive director of the Albert Lea-Freeborn County Chamber of Commerce

“I discussed this with my daughters, Sydne, 12, and Ellie, 11, and we agreed on a plan. We would get as many of our family together as possible to watch home videos, look at photo albums, play games and eat all our favorite foods.” — Carla Reichel, volunteer coordinator at St. John’s Lutheran Home

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“I know its going to sound sappy, but I would spend every last second with the love of my life, my wife, Nancy. I have no regrets in my life, so there wouldn’t be a lot of woulda, coulda shouldas.” — Greg Sundholm, cashier at Copper Kitchen

“I’m not worried. I have no extended warranties or Mayan calendars — I get my calendar from the bank. I’m part cockroach on my mother’s side, so I’ll spend the day eating bacon and planning how to avoid all the post-apocalyptic sales.” — Al Batt, Albert Lea Tribune columnist

“I would spend the day with people I love and make sure they knew how much I loved them. I would also look at the beauty of the world around me. The flowers or the snow, nature’s beauty. I would thank God for the beautiful world he had provided for me to live in.” — Julie Seedorf, Albert Lea Tribune columnist

“Time with family would be my priority. My brother and sister (as well as most of my cousins, aunts and uncles) are too far away for a face-to-face gathering before the end, but I would want to be with my immediate family: both daughters, my son and my wife. Facing the uncertainty of what happens next would be so much more bearable if we were together.” — David Behling, Albert Lea Tribune columnist

“My extended family and I would be on the space station when the world ends. Then, because gravity would change the orbit, we’d be off into the ‘wild blue yonder.’” — Pat Stumme, director of RSVP

“If the world was to end on Dec. 21, I wouldn’t sleep at all on Dec. 20. Every second up until the end I would enjoy spending quality time with my family. It wouldn’t matter what we would do as long as we were doing it together. Oh, and it would probably involve eating chocolate.” — Adam Frederick, KIMT chief meteorologist

“If and when the world would come to an end, my wish would be to spend it with loved ones.” — Larry Anderson, 5th Ward Albert Lea city councilor

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“I would spend the day with my family enjoying our favorite meals and visiting about the many blessings that we have been given.” — Vern Rasmussen, Albert Lea mayor

“Celebrate life by spending it with loved ones.” — Chad Adams, Albert Lea city manager

“Going for a hike and picnic with my family in the bluffs of southeast Minnesota.” — Chris Chalmers, Albert Lea High School activities director and Communy Education director

“With my family.” — John Schultz, head coach of New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva girls’ basketball team

“Party like there is no tomorrow (because there won’t be) with my friends and family.” — Sue Summer, activities coordinator at United South Central

“I would spend my remaining hours with loved ones and try to avoid the sheer chaos and anarchy that would surely be raging outside with everyone anticipating the end. Either that or lay down some tracks on that rap album I’ve been planning to release.” — Jeremy Corey-Gruenes, English teacher at Albert Lea High School

“Doing what I love. Being on air doing my goofy show … naked … I might as well go out the way I came in!” — Ron Hunter, Albert Lea radio personality at Power 96

“Working. Same ol’ same ol’. Just another day.” — Darin Toot, truck driver and owner at Toot Trucking LLC

“I would try and spend it with as many of my friends and family as I could in the amount of time I got left, but most of it holding my little man, Peyton.” — Derreck Walk, Albert Lea, cook in the Woodfire Grill at Diamond Jo Casino

“If the world were to end I would would spend my final day with my family!” — Marie Grund, underwriting support specialist at Federated Insurance in Owatonna

“First off I’d go see my favorite band, Steel Panther, in concert the night before. I’d call in dead to work, then I’d keep my kids home from school, and spend the whole day playing video games and playing our favorite songs on the stereo. I’d tell everyone I cared about that I loved them and that I’d see them on the other side!” — Mike Cardona, key position at Mrs. Gerry’s Kitchen Inc.

“I would put a dent in my bucket list by stepping outside of my comfort zone and trying the things I’ve always wanted to do.” — Brandi Hagen, sports editor for the Albert Lea Tribune

“I would want to be surrounded by as much family as possible, especially my parents and two sisters. Then I would want to eat my favorite meal, drink wine and sit and talk about memories.” — Kelli Lageson, special projects editor for the Albert Lea Tribune

“My family and I probably would hightail it to my parents’ place in Minneapolis, where the kids would play and the adults would enjoy craft beer and cigars while sitting in the driveway in front of classic automobiles and talking like we are somehow smart. Either that or go play disc golf.” — Tim Engstrom, managing editor of the Albert Lea

“I would grab the kids and play some disc golf somewhere cool and just spend time with them, and I would definitely have my camera with and take tons of pictures of them and of all the chaos that would ensue.” – Buck Monson, sports reporter at Albert Lea Tribune