Local 4-H programs are once again busy

Published 9:48 am Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Column: 4-H Column, Amy Wadding

4-H is up and running! It seems as if we run from one event to the next. It helps to keep us young by being so busy. 4-H helps to keep its parents young too, and that is why we have so many of them! 4-H is busy celebrating its county successes at the yearly banquet in October along with club successes at all of the club banquets being held in November.

Amy Wadding

Megan and I have gone to 11 of the 16 club banquets in our county. We are fortunate to be invited to our club banquets and being given an opportunity to visit with our 4-H families and see how important 4-H is in their lives. We have kicked off the new 4-H year with meeting with our newly elected executive council officers and newly elected livestock, dog and horse committee members.

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We just kicked off our new 4-H year with a fall leaders training that is mandatory for all clubs to be trained in. At our training we had 13 of our 16 clubs present and additional meeting times have been set for the three clubs that couldn’t come.

It is just amazing to see the turnout of our members at each of our events! In addition to our nightly meetings with our leaders, committee members and 4-Hers; we are doing after-school programming at the following elementary schools: Hawthorne, Lakeview, Halverson, Alden-Conger and Glenville-Emmons, as well as at ARC. We are gone Monday through Thursday doing after-school programming. So, if you stop into the extension office to see us, and we are not there, you have a glimpse of our busy schedule to see where we are.

We are busy enrolling our past 4-Hers and enrolling many new members who want to experience what 4-H has to offer. In addition to this, we are filling up our December calendars and planning the 2013 4-H year. For more information on 4-H in Freeborn County, contact the Freeborn County Extension Office at 507-377-5660.


Amy Wadding is the 4-H program coordinator for Freeborn County.