Editorial: Be sure to catch Progress 2013 this Sunday

Published 9:26 am Tuesday, February 19, 2013

We are looking forward to Sunday, for that is the day that Progress 2013 is in the newspaper.

We’ve worked up an outstanding one this time. Progress is a chance for the Tribune to highlight many of the positive aspects of the Albert Lea area and to check in on the progress — hence the name — we have made as a community.

Sorry, online readers, this one is only available to print readers. Online readers be able to read some of the content weeks later.

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Here are some of the stories:

• Do you know tattoo artist Gilbert Johnson? If you don’t, you should. He is somewhat of a local celebrity in that his work appears on so many bodies, and he is highly respected. But creating tattoos isn’t his only skill. Find out what else he does at his downtown shop and in his free time.

• Youth for Christ’s The Rock is nearing the end of a two-year renovation. Find out what the motivation for the upgrade was and see what the kids who visit the after-school hangout think of it all.

• Community Education has changed under the direction of Chris Chalmers. It now is more engaged in the community and getting more people active.

• The new school planned for the United South Central School District is slated to have 155,000 square feet of space. Discover other numbers related to the project in Wells.

• Meet the biggest sports fan in the area. He lives in Hartland. He knows Minnesota sports history like the back of his hand. And he is lucky to be alive.

• Mrs. Gerry’s Kitchen is nearly finished with a 37,000-square-foot expansion. Vice President Chad Vogt answers questions about the expansion and the company’s direction.

• At the Albert Lea Vineyard Church, people are encouraged to “come as you are.” It is more common to see people wear jeans and other casual clothes to church than it is to see them dressed up.

Don’t miss Sunday’s newspaper, the biggest Albert Lea Tribune of the year.