Editorial: Thumbs

Published 9:30 am Sunday, February 24, 2013


thumbupTo Albert Lea Transit.

Albert Lea Transit will begin providing bus service to cities of Wells, Alden, Glenville, Clarks Grove, Hayward, Emmons and Twin Lakes. To many residents, this doesn’t matter much because they have the means to drive an automobile just about anywhere they wish to go in Albert Lea and around the region. But it will matter for many seniors especially, and for anyone who uses the valuable services of Albert Lea Transit. It won’t be just for people in those communities to get to Albert Lea, but also for Albert Leans to get to those communities. Kudos to Albert Lea Transit for expanding their routes. We hope it goes well.

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thumbdownTo 12 more flu deaths.

The Minnesota Department of Health confirmed Thursday that 12 more people had died from influenza. That brings the total for this flu season in Minnesota to 148. It’s been a rough winter for folks in terms of “the crud,” whether people get the flu virus or, for that matter, a cold, a cough, stuffy sinuses or even pneumonia. The good news is hospitalizations are on the decline and spring is a month away. The days actually are seeming longer now. (The sun will set at 6 p.m. on Wednesday!) At this point of winter, it’s best to keep looking on the bright side.


thumbupTo the Bend in the Road guys.

Scott “Mule” Juveland, Doug “Felt” Felt, Troy “Wezy” DeBoer, Erik “Ellen” Prudoehl and Matt “Daryl” Bronson all cut their hair for Locks of Love. Juveland owns the Bend in the Road and the others are friends who are patrons. It wasn’t the traditional Love of Love event, such as girls cutting their childhood growth. These were guys who cherished their long-hair looks dearly. One hadn’t cut off his long hair for 30 years. But they were willing to lose the locks if it helped cancer patients. To borrow the words of the classic 1984 commercial for Old Milwaukee beer: “It doesn’t get any better than this.”