Large Hadron Collider is useless

Published 10:23 am Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The European Organization for Nuclear Research (often abbreviated as CERN) and its Large Hadron Collider are a colossal use of finances, time and other resources simply to sharpen the pencil that we humans already own and use.

CERN is valid as a directionless hobby and pastime, one that leisurely whiles away the now pointless, make-busy hours of thousands of scientists, physicists and other geeks worldwide and allows numerous egos to wax wearisomely. CERN perpetuates individual and collective freedom of choice and unbridled co-creations, albeit erroneously in the presumptions underlying the current approach of inquiry because such presumptions fail to factor in God the creator who is the underlying unseen process of divine love and life.

No matter how finely one hones down their pencil, it’s still a pencil. You won’t find what is eternal and limitless in any temporal object, not even in super-fleeting, ultra tiny, super accelerated subatomic particles created through the expenditure of massive amounts of money and electrical energy.

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Building bigger toys in the physical world shall always result in a pallid and unsuccessful attempt to find unseen divine principles. Divine love transformed into physical manifestations in this particular physical plane of existence can never be captured or discovered by mere mechanical contraptions nor by their size or might. It’s that simple.

The scientists at CERN are having fun. That’s good, but they will ultimately accomplish no meaningful or useful purpose.

Robert Townsend
Roscoe, Ill.