Savick left before guns hearing

Published 9:26 pm Saturday, February 16, 2013

House File 241 titled assault weapons: crime established for manufacturing, transferring or possessing assault weapons; existing assault weapon disposal or registration provided; penalties provided.

I attended the HF 241 hearing. When the hearing started state Rep. Micheal Paymar stated some members had to leave early and they did. State Rep. Alice Hausman, the author, departed after her opening statement.

Heather Martens, lobbyist funded by the Joyce Foundation, testified for Rep. Hausman in her absence that “expert” Brent Gurtek of French River Muzzleloaders did not offer much in knowledgeable testimony in reference to modern sporting rifles. Martens paraded children’s photographs, standard fare for trampling on rights. Testimony from the James Younger gang re-enactor was especially egregious. She committed crimes of irrelevance, it was shameless self-promotion.

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Before opponents of HF 241 began testimony, which can be seen in a YouTube video, you will notice more empty seats. The following were absent: state Reps. Debra Hilstrom, Shannon Savick, Dan Schoen, Erik Simonson and Linda Slocum. I cannot say at what time they left, nor if they came back.

HF 241 mandates registration of weapons beyond point of sale becoming an annual event with background check, forced compliance inspection of storage in your home by law enforcement. One cannot transfer, buy or sell affected weapons, and they may not be purchased except for transfer to the appropriate law enforcement agency for the purpose of surrendering the weapon for destruction.

I take great exception to empty chairs. Thousands of Minnesotans traveled to St. Paul at their expense, incurring lost wages. This hearing was important enough to make sacrifices, yet this sentiment was not shared by some elected officials. I expect a certain level of conduct when the government does business. My expectations with others were sadly unfulfilled. How can one miss testimony and make an informed decision?

I encourage everybody to read HF 241, then go to the Minnesota House of Representatives’ website watch the video, all two hours of it, and make your own decisions. How could HF 241 be considered “common sense” is beyond me. This bill will make felons out of lawful citizens. Are we prepared to imprison our fellow citizens for exercising their rights?


Randy Kruckeberg