Editorial: Better late than never

Published 9:24 am Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Stay safe out there.

On Monday evening, on the way back from Clarks Grove on Freeborn County Road 45, two Tribune reporters saw a car with two high school boys they recognized from covering sports. The boys quickly passed the car with the Tribune reporters, as if the road weren’t icy and there weren’t a blizzard at all. One reporter said to the other, “Let’s hope we don’t have to cover them for the wrong reasons.”

Cars and trucks often go in the ditch in wintry weather because they were going too fast for the conditions. Icy roads, low visibility and strong winds are clues to most drivers to slow down. Why do some people not figure this out? Who hasn’t slowed down and driven cautiously, only to be passed by a car zooming along?

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These people need to realize they put pressure on first responders, who then must risk their skin to go out into the awful weather to assist them. And it takes time away from having to help other motorists in need.

Moreover, these risky drivers put their own lives and limbs in danger. If they don’t care about their own health and welfare, these drivers ought to care about other people. Their poor judgment puts other drivers at risk. And no first responder ever wants to show up at a fatal crash.

Be a smart driver. Slow down.