Editorial: Sunday liquor sales unnecessary

Published 10:14 am Monday, March 4, 2013

With six days a week to purchase liquor, one has to wonder why it would be necessary to buy alcohol on Sundays.

While the state legislature ponders whether to allow such sales, we have to step up and say please don’t allow it.

According to various websites, alcohol is a contributing factor in four most-commonly committed crimes: minor possession, open container, public intoxication and DWI, obviously the most serious of the four. And one site said that alcohol was a factor in 40 percent — or nearly half of all violent crimes.

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We know that eliminating the sale of alcohol all together simply breeds new crimes and really isn’t a logical option these days.

From an economic standpoint, municipal liquor stores aren’t necessarily going to sell more alcohol than they do in six days, and they will incur expenses associated with being open — paying staff hours, lights, etc. However, with six days to purchase alcohol, and given the crime statistics and economic impact locally, we doubt it’s necessary to offer liquor an additional day.