Editorial: Thumbs

Published 8:05 am Sunday, March 3, 2013


thumbupTo Albert Lea Area Schools.

We commend the school leaders and school board for seeking to give equal time for art, music, gym and media in the elementary schools. It’s always stunning to us when schools neglect these subjects or are quick to cut them. The arts are everywhere, yet we devalue them. For instance, a machinist who comes up with a part to repair an assembly line relies on the creativity encouraged in art classes. And healthy habits taught in gym class can last a lifetime, resulting in healthy workers.

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thumbdownTo Old Man Winter.

Enough already. It’s March. We wish snow would stop falling and the temperatures would rise above freezing more frequently so that the existing snow cover would melt away. We, like most everyone, are on the edge of our seats, waiting for spring to spring.


thumbupTo a decrease in sex offenders in Albert Lea.

We recall a time when Albert Lea had zero Level 3 sex offenders, and, of course, we long for that figure to return. The number climbed to four at one time, and through efforts of law enforcement and the judiciary, that number has been brought down to just one. Keep up the good work.