Editorial: Thumbs

Published 8:45 am Sunday, March 10, 2013


thumbupTo the NRHEG girls’ basketball team.

There are many readers who all season long don’t follow sports one bit, but then suddenly when the state tournaments come around they are turning to the Sports pages to see how the teams are doing. One of those teams fans each season have enjoyed following is the New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva girls’ basketball team. The Panthers play the game well: strong defense, smart shot selection, team mentality and better shape than opponents so they can hustle the entire 36 minutes. And no doubt it helps to have fearless Carlie Wagner driving the lane and confusing opponents. We encourage people to attend NRHEG postseason games or at least follow them on the Tribune’s Twitter feed for sports: @altribunesports.

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thumbdownTo the Transportation Security Administration.

A change in policy to allow pocket knives on airliners appears risky and foolish. The TSA says it allows agents to focus on more high-risk items like explosives and says it brings America in line with international practices. Americans recall how terrorists on Sept. 11, 2001, were able to hijack passenger jets using ordinary boxcutters. The decision doesn’t allow boxcutters, but it is stunning that the TSA would allow any kind of knife. Pocket knives with blades no longer than 2.36 inches pretty much are one step short of a boxcutter. Let’s hope air marshals are on more flights to deter use of a knife for hijacking. We do like how the decision begins to allow some sports equipment. For instance, passengers can bring on board a souvenir miniature bat they got at the ballpark, but not a full-size one.


thumbupTo Randy Harig.

We commend this survivor of a zombie-infested obstacle race and his family for heading up a shoe drive and then donating the footgear to Project Sole, which takes used shoes and gets them to people in impoverished countries. Well, to tell the truth, there weren’t really zombies during the race, but who cares? Harig survived a frightening run, and it inspired him to do good. Thanks!