Everyone is hating everyone

Published 10:19 am Thursday, March 7, 2013

Recently, a world-renowned neurosurgeon was a guest speaker at the National Prayer Breakfast. Dr. Benjamin Carson’s address of just 27 minutes was filled with more inspiration, love of country and uplifting words than we have heard from President Barack Obama in the past fast four years (“Conservative Dr. Ben Carson speech upstages Obama at prayer breakfast”).

A student of history, the doctor spoke of the importance of educating citizens about the founding of our country to enable them to join in the current national discussion about the problems we face. If people are not fully informed about the carefully constructed republic in which we live and the brilliantly conceived Declaration of Independence and Constitution given us by our Founding Fathers, they will not know enough to defend the rights laid out when those documents are attacked. As a result, we will suffer under the shackles of political correctness.

Mr. Obama pledged to be the president of all the people. Never in my lifetime has this country been more divided than it is today because of the deliberate instigation of the president. Blacks hate whites, the young resent the old, illegal aliens demand the rights of citizens, unions oppose nonunion labor, the poor rail against the rich and the “have-nots” feel the “haves” have stolen from them.

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Will we end up as the Divided States of America?


Mike Gordon

Albert Lea