Help feed the starving children

Published 8:30 am Wednesday, March 13, 2013

In a village deep in the northern tip of Haiti on a hot, 97-degree day, an old man was walking through a small village. He was on his way back to his house (which didn’t consist of more than the size of a closet) when he heard a cry of a baby coming from somewhere in the bush.

The cries were coming from inside a vikto, which is basically a Haitian-style outhouse with a 20-foot pit. So without even thinking twice, the man found a bucket and rope and slowly lowered himself into the disease-ridden sewage pit.

He set the baby in the bucket and brought the baby back up to human life. The man wanted to do everything he could to help this poor baby that was trapped in an outhouse for God knows how long. But he couldn’t. He had nothing. No food, no room, no hope. His only choice was to make an eight-hour journey to the nearest orphanage.

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The man brought the baby to Love a Child Orphanage, where they took him in and gave him the name Moses (a gift from God). He was severely dehydrated and malnourished. They decided to find out how Moses ended up in the pit of an outhouse. What they found was horrific.

Moses’ mom had given birth to him in that outhouse. She did not want the responsibility to take care of a baby, as she could not even take care of herself. So after giving birth, she threw Moses into the sewage pit. She left him there to die.

Some of you who have packed meals with an organization called Feed My Starving Children may recall this story of Moses. And you may also recall that each day alone 18,000 children aren’t as lucky as Moses. That’s about the size of this town that died because of starvation.

If you are being called to save a child’s life, please consider making a donation to FMSC by visiting
Jacob Jensen
Albert Lea