In tough speech to Chamber, Dayton defends proposals

Published 10:36 am Thursday, March 14, 2013

By Tom Scheck
Minnesota Public Radio
In a vigorous response to critics of his budget proposals, Gov. Mark Dayton told business leaders on Wednesday that he would continue to push for an income tax increase on top earners.

During an often confrontational speech to the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, Dayton said the group is misleading its members about taxes and state spending.

Last week, Dayton announced that he was dropping his proposal to expand the sales tax to business and consumer services. That part of his budget was the biggest target of the business community.

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But Dayton has no plans to capitulate on his proposal to raise income taxes on top earners to erase the state’s projected $627 million deficit and provide more money for education. He also dismissed concerns by Chamber of Commerce representatives that higher income taxes would force businesses to move to other states.

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