Letters didn’t portray truth

Published 3:26 pm Saturday, March 2, 2013

With significant issues facing our state, it is important to me that we use facts to honestly and openly discuss the important issues before us at the Legislature. That is why I want to respond to two recent misleading letters to editor in the Albert Lea Tribune about our work at the state Capitol.

First, I was disappointed that Rep. Greg Davids provided factually inaccurate information in a letter in which he claimed the Legislature took and up and down vote on the governor’s tax proposal. The vote to which he refers was on a purely procedural motion to move the governor’s tax proposal from one committee to another so it could receive more public input.

More public input should be something we all support regardless of political party. HF 677 serves as a starting point for legislative discussion — not the final word — on how to responsibly balance Minnesota’s budget. Input like yours is essential for us to formulate good public policy. I encourage you to follow House Tax Committee proceedings by signing up for their e-mail list at www.house.leg.state.mn.us. The public is also welcome to sign up to testify at Tax Committee hearings about the budget.

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I also wanted to address a letter that focuses on gun safety. It references an informational committee hearing on various gun safety proposals that I unfortunately had to leave early because of a commitment that had already been made. Since this was an informational hearing, no votes were taken on the proposals.

I myself am a gun owner. My father gave me a rifle when I was 16, and I’ve had it ever since. It’s one of the most special things I have in my life because it was given to me by my father. I would never want that gun taken away from me and I certainly would never want to take away other people’s guns from them. I strongly support the Second Amendment rights of Minnesotans.

This is why I was disappointed to read Mr. Randy Kruckeberg’s letter. Because it would have you believe that I am ignoring the testimony that has been so useful to me over the past several weeks. I have been engaging constituents by email, phone, social media and in person to ensure that I know how various bills may affect the people of our district.

We are not always going to agree on the solutions to the problems we face, but I believe we will be more successful in finding common ground if we work together positively and with a focus on the facts.

Please always feel free to contact me whenever you have questions about my positions or votes on an issue. I can be reached by email (rep.shannon.savick@house.mn), phone (651-296-8216), or on facebook (www.facebook.com/shannonsavick)


Shannon Savick

state representative

House District 27A