Most people favor background checks

Published 9:02 am Tuesday, March 26, 2013

When they banned machine guns in 1934, I said no one was hollering Second Amendment rights. This is a true statement.

There were people who were against banning machine guns. They were called criminals. Today these criminals are called politicians. They are all bought out by the firearms lobbyists. I’ve heard from a few gun owners that claim they don’t want to lose their assault weapons.

I don’t understand why anyone thinks they need a weapon that holds 30-plus rounds in their clip.

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I know there are lot of high powered weapons out their that could be used for hunting that would serve the purpose they want. I know some think they will lose their assault weapons if they are outlawed.

This, too, is a fallacy. When machine guns were outlawed in 1934, whoever owned one got to keep it. I guess this is part of the grandfather clause. Most of those machine guns are now owned by collectors or are in museums. If assault weapons are outlawed, and if you have one, I would hold on to it. The value will only go up. The percent of people who want background checks on anyone purchasing a firearms has gone up to 90 percent now. Let’s start telling our politicians to take note of this and stop taking money from those firearms lobbyists.

Now let it be known that I did not try to change history to suit my views. I have 90 percent of the population behind me. And again I hope I have opened a few people’s minds with a little common sense talk.


Wayne Thorson
Albert Lea