Please don’t grant amnesty

Published 8:00 am Sunday, March 10, 2013

The “reform” in “comprehensive immigration reform” is a sham because our immigration laws, if properly enforced, work fine. (Border numbers rise ahead of talk on immigration.) The problem is enforcement, which is lacking.

We now will endure the politicians staking positions and posturing for the camera, but not for America. Sadly, all they want is to get re-elected. What I would give to see a true statesman step forward, protect and defend this country and not ultimately grant amnesty to illegals.

If the politicians of both parties do what I fear they are going to do under the guise of “comprehensive immigration reform,” I suggest the legislation should include a provision that would prohibit any illegal caught in the United States after passage of the measure from ever applying for or becoming a U.S. citizen.

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Why would any well-interned politician of any party object to this provision? Maybe we can truly separate the politicians and the statesmen once and for all.

Illegals come from all over the world. Deport them all — it would be cheaper in the long run! Our government says there are about 11 million, but they have said that for the last 12 years. Barron’s financial magazine says there are at least 20 million. Let’s clean house, and no amnesties ever.


Paul Westrum

Albert Lea