Rep. Savick hardly spoke at meeting

Published 9:11 am Thursday, March 28, 2013

As executive director of the Minnesota Jobs Coalition, I attend as many town hall meetings as possible to learn where our leaders stand on policies related to job creation. I’ve attended over a dozen town hall meetings this legislative session and was shocked by Rep. Shannon Savick’s level of participation in her town hall meeting in Albert Lea on March 22.

Despite being the host of the meeting, Rep. Savick hardly spoke, quickly handing the meeting off to Rep. Paul Marquart, who lives outside of Moorhead, to answer questions. About halfway through the meeting, Rep. Savick left the room to chat with folks privately in the hallway, only to return to the front of the room while another legislator continued to answer questions.

It is very unfortunate that Rep. Savick showed so little regard for the views of her constituents last Friday. Perhaps it’s something that Albert Lea area families should keep in mind when they head to the polls next November.

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Tom Erickson
executive director
Minnesota Jobs Coalition

St. Paul