Sick bobcat recovering after rescue

Published 8:56 am Thursday, March 28, 2013

DULUTH — A young, male bobcat, found emaciated and walking oddly, is on the road to recovery with help from Wildwoods Rehabilitation of Duluth.

Linda Nervick said she spotted the bobcat last weekend while driving the back roads from Ely to Duluth. When she got out of her car to take a photo of the bobcat, the animal made no effort to run away. In fact, Nervick says the bobcat began following her along the road. She says it was almost as if the bobcat was looking for help.

Nervick called a friend associated with Wildwoods Rehabilitation and volunteers came out and captured the sick animal. Wildwoods spokeswoman Nancy Wolfe said the bobcat is recovering and is eating and snarling again, both good signs.

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