Thanks for finding the cellphone

Published 9:34 am Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I am writing at this time to thank the person who found and returned my cellphone. Three weeks ago in Albert Lea I had fallen on the ice one time and another time my foot knocked my purse out of my vehicle in the Burger King parking lot. I did not know until later that day when my daughter-in-law called and told me, “I know you lost your phone.”

I had no idea. Someone called her, and they arranged to drop it off at Kwik Trip for her, and she picked it up for me. Thank you, again, whoever you are for the honesty and for the help from family. There are good people in Albert Lea and the surrounding areas.

Glad the lost was found and returned but the person left no name. If you are out there or someone knows who did this good deed, please thank them for me.

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Shelly Gold

Clarks Grove