Too many people shrug shoulders

Published 8:57 am Wednesday, March 20, 2013

There remains no doubt that the man elected to two terms promising to defend and protect the Constitution has no intentions of doing so. He and his administration artfully and skillfully blinded the eyes of an uninformed population. Diligent citizens researching his background and philosophy have attempted (without success) to sound the warning. Sadly many willingly choose to not care.

We have seen his selfish action in the deaths of four brave Americans. The entire episode was shown in real time to those in the situation room. Our president refused to command a rescue attempt. Campaigning took a priority over his oath to defend and protect. During the Jimmy Carter era, such an attempt to rescue Americans was made.

Though it was unsuccessful, Carter had the decency to meet with the families of those who perished and to weep with them before the television cameras. Concocting a lie regarding a movie inciting a riot, Barack Obama sent Susan Rice to appear before five television news shows to read his script. A few days later, both he and Clinton regurgitated the same lines at the arrival of the bodies at Langley Air Force Base while assuring the families they were going to bring the perpetrators to justice. There are Americans now in hospitals recovering from injuries during that attack on Sept. 11, 2012. Names have been changed to prevent the news media from gaining information. Surely the actions of this White House should be considered an impeachable offense.

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Watching C-SPAN on March 6, Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken appeared before Attorney General Eric Holder with concerns, but not one word about the Benghazi incident. Klobuchar assured me in a letter a couple of months ago she was doing all she could to gain the facts. Franken did not respond.

The man who campaigned to fundamentally change America is doing just that and I fear many are sitting idly by not caring. He struts to the state to read from a teleprompter while acting like a schoolyard bully to punish Americans who dare to stand against his socialist plans for our nation. Releasing criminals from our jails, shutting down tours of the White House, laying off janitors in government buildings are all ruses in an attempt to scare and push citizens into submission. By the way, White House tours are conducted by volunteers and no janitors have lost their jobs. So far the lines at the airports have been no longer than usual.

The head of the Department of Homeland Security swears she doesn’t know who gave the order to release criminals from jails. Judges make orders to incarcerate and release. Maybe the law doesn’t apply to government officials as another 3,000 criminals are reported to be released.

It’s time to become aware of what is happening to our beloved republic. Does anyone remember history classes about our forefathers who fought, lost their property, healthy and, yes, even their lives to give us this wonderful constitution? Our veterans, past and present gave their time, health and lives. Do we merely shrug and say “I can’t do anything?” Yes, we can do something. Get informed, write our legislators, question candidates and vote as an informed citizen.


Carol Bybee
Albert Lea