Business leaders, Dayton at odds over tax

Published 9:57 am Monday, April 1, 2013

By Mark Zdechlik
Minnesota Public Radio News

At a St. Paul Chamber of Commerce meeting last week, St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman playfully noted the tension between Gov. Dayton and business leaders as he introduced Tina Smith, the governor’s chief of staff.

“For those of you that brought rotten or rotting tomatoes to throw at the governor,” Coleman said, “don’t throw them at Tina!”

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Smith defended Dayton’s budget, including his call for a new income tax on the top two percent of earners. She also thanked the business people for their contributions to the state.

“We may not always agree, but the governor respects deeply your perspective,” she said.

Smith’s cordial tone is one some business leaders say the governor needs to take.

That could come up on Tuesday, when David Olson, president of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce meets with top Dayton Administration officials to discuss tension between the governor and business leaders.

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