Iran bombings were same day

Published 2:52 pm Saturday, April 20, 2013

With news outbreaks of the recent bombings in Boston I have a few things to say.

First off let me state that I am very sad that such a terrible thing has happened to so many innocent people. That being said I think that recent news outlets have been selfish in displaying the news.

Not many people are even aware of the car bombings that took place the same day in Iran. These bombings killed upward of 40 people. Since it wasn’t the United States, though, it isn’t important. I would also request that the Tribune not post any of the information of the victims. The last thing those families want are their dead relatives’ names posted all over the Internet. That being said I understand that reporting the news is important. I think it can be done in a reasonable manner. I don’t want the victims to be celebritized, I want them to be respected.

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Thank you.


Aaron Woitas

Albert Lea