Obama rallies like a campaign

Published 9:18 am Friday, April 5, 2013

President Barack Obama knows drama (sequestration process begins). I have been disgusted by the actions of our president over the past few weeks as he has spread fear and anxiety to the American people.

Mr. Obama continues to hold campaign rallies even after winning the election. At these propaganda rallies, he communicates the message that “we the people” need more and more government to take care of us. This fear-mongering is below the office of president, and it amounts to irresponsible, false propaganda. The president continues to divide the nation. The truth is that our federal government is bloated and out of control.

Mr. Obama is in the business of growing the federal government because he wants more and more control over our lives. The government takes in enough money; the problem is that it spends too much. What would happen if, instead of the government taking part of our paychecks every payday, we had to write it a check at the end of each year for the whole amount? Would we have a problem with the amount of money this government takes from us?

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We are nearly $16.6 trillion in debt. Yet the president’s solution is to take more of our money instead of spending less. Appalling.


Mike Gordon
Albert Lea